TSC is an Independent telephone company and Internet service provider serving the Wapakoneta area.

TSC serves Wapakoneta, Cridersville, St. Marys and surrounding areas and has been in the business of phone service since 1895. They provide cable TV and high-speed Internet along with phone service.

If you’re wondering what in “Independent” phone company is, it’s a company that was that were not part of the Bell System and usually operate in many rural or sparsely populated areas. There are many advantages to the smaller, independent phone companies, perhaps the biggest of which is that they know their region and typically provide outstanding customer service, unlike some of the bigger phone companies.


TSC’s Wapakoneta headquarters at the corner of Willipie and Auglaize

TSC is one such company that provides outstanding service and support.

From their website:

“In 1995 TSC became an Internet Service Provider(ISP) in the Northwest Ohio area when we helped establish bright.net Ohio LLC. By 1998, we began offering Cable Television service along with BrightLightning broadband cable modem service. In 2003, we made history by expanding all of our offerings into the City of St. Marys, Ohio.”

“We are dedicated to bringing our customers state-of-the-art technology and services with a hometown flare for individual customer care.”

TSC is very active in the community, supporting organizations such as the Wapakoneta Area Chamber of Commerce, the St. Marys Area Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. TSC is engaged in many charitable activities such as the Hometown Holiday in Wapakoneta.

And you can still make a pay call for just a nickel at TSC… yes, they have a working pay telephone that you can use for just $.05 cents!

TSC has an excellent & fun Facebook page that they’re active on, we suggest you check them out! [TSC’s Facebook Page]

TSC is well known in Wapakoneta to use the billboard on the corner of Defiance and Harrison. They typically make people smile with fun ads including cute animals or something similar. For instance, here is their holiday ad where you can get a free Roku Streaming Stick when you sign up or upgrade your service.


If you’re looking for cable, phone or Internet service, we highly encourage you to look into┬áTSC. They’re a great company, and one that is tightly woven into the fabric of Wapakoneta society.


2 Willipie St.
Wapakoneta, OH 45895
Phone: 419-739-2200
Fax: 419-739-2299