The Lucky Steer Restaurant has been a Wapak tradition for over 40 years! It sits prominently on “Hamburger Row”, aka Bellefontaine Avenue, which is handy for travelers stopping in off of I-75.

The friendly staff will have you smiling, as will the quick service, excellent food and great prices.

The Lucky Steer has the feel of an old-fashioned diner but without any of the drawbacks. It doesn’t feel old, everything looks nice and modern.

The menu has a nice variety and even has stuff to make vegetarians feel welcome. There’s a very friendly feel to everything, starting with the cute logo of the Lucky Steer himself. (Actually we’ve felt that the steer isn’t so lucky as he is probably going to be eaten, and my wife has dubbed the place the Unfortunate Cow. 😝)

The food is fantastic and service excellent.

In a word, this place is friendly.

It makes you feel at home. For travelers, you just can’t go wrong. You’ll have service with a smile and be treated to an amazing meal.

The ONLY thing we can say that isn’t positive is that you’ll likely come home smelling like a diner. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though depending on your point of view!


Lucky Steer Restaurant