El Azteca is one of the best Mexican restaurants you can find! Authentic food, decent prices and a great atmosphere are topped only by the fantastic service.

The people of Wapak (Wapakonetians if you will) are truly lucky to have such a great Mexican restaurant. It also serves travelers heading north or south on I-75 as well as those going east or west on route 33.

The building is beautifully decorated inside and you’d hardly know it was once a Big Boy restaurant. (At least, that’s what it looks like – we still need to find a long-time Wapakonetian that can verify this.)


The menu is huge and you’re sure to find something that teases your palate – even if you’re a vegetarian. In fact the menu can be a little daunting. But you can pick from the combo menus if you’re not sure. That way you’ll also get a sampling of some various things.

Perhaps the thing we like most about it is the food comes out QUICKLY. We’re not sure how they make the food so fast, but they do a great job, even with larger groups of people. And then there’s “Hot Plate” guy who will remind you not to touch your plate because it’s so hot. (Sometimes he likes to trick you though, so watch out 😝 )

Most combos are something like a burrito, a chalupa, rice and beans, all for $7.95.

Lunch combos are priced even better at $6.95 mostly.

For the cheapskates among us, you can grab a plate of nachos with cheese and beans for $4.50. It’s so filling you can barely eat it all!

Your party will also get unlimited tortilla chips and salsa to snack on before, during and after your meal if you so desire. Sometimes you might have to ask for the 2nd or 3rd bowl though, especially if your food has already arrived, but they’re usually pretty good about asking you if you want more.

Hint for the TRULY frugal: grab a side order of beans or rice and dip the free chips in them. Drink water and you’ll be full for around $2 bucks.


The drinks are great too – grab a huge margarita for just $10. The jumbo size is something you might want to share with a friend though. They also have Dos Equis and some domestic beers like Bug Light on tap.

The service is very friendly and mostly family. They will even happily banter with you in Spanish a little bit and teach you some words if you’re so inclined.

If you like hot stuff, ask for the house hot salsa. It’s amazeballs.

El Azteca has proved so popular in Wapakoneta that they’ve opened a second restaurant in nearby Lakeview Ohio. So far it seems to be on par with the original location: great food, service and ambience.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with a visit to El Azteca, although your stomach might be a little more full than you planned on!


El Azteca Mexican Restaurant