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Auglaize County Courthouse

We have one of the most beautiful courthouses in Ohio. Lawyers from around the state stand in awe as they enter the courtroom. You need to see it on the inside!

Wapakoneta, Ohio is a truly unique small town with lots to offer. “Wapak”, as residents called it, is located on the intersection of I-75 and state route 33. It’s a town of about 10,000 people.

Wapakoneta is known for being the hometown of Neil Armstrong, the first human to walk on the moon. The Armstrong Air & Space Museum honors the Wapak native and shows a rich history of America’s space program. This space museum has part of it built to resemble a big white moon which can be seen from I-75.

There will be much more to see and do here as we roll out updates. Please bookmark us and check back! We aim to be your community based site for all things Wapak, including news, events, history, classified listings and more.

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Some recent entries from the All Things Wapak Blog…

318 Restaurant & Bar

A fun place for excellent, fast casual food in the heart of Lima, Ohio. A great place for a lunch meeting, a party, a night out with family and friends, or just for a quick drink. We love it and rate it very highly. It’s an awesome place to stop in any time for a quick bite or a drink. The huge horseshoe-shaped bar dominates the middle of the restaurant. It commands attention and seems very comfortable to sit around.     A ton of TV screens offer a variety of entertainment. The patio out back has a TON of area for outdoor partying, Buckeyes games, music, and more. They offer great live entertainment most weekends.     They just recently opened with a somewhat more limited menu, and will expand the menu in the near future. However, we were plenty happy with the variety on the menu. Also, everything I tried was great!     I give it 5 stars and will try to get back every couple of months! From their site: 318 Restaurant & Bar is a friendly place for great, fast casual food in the heart of Lima, Ohio.   We invite you to stop by 318 Restaurant & Bar in downtown Lima, Ohio for some great food & drinks in a beautiful setting. It’s a great place for a lunch meeting, a party, a night out with family and friends, or just for a quick drink.   318 Restaurant & Bar: Fantastic food. Awesome drinks. Great ambience.   Our talented & friendly staff happily awaits your arrival!   318 Restaurant &... read more

Schneider’s Party Shop & Grocery

Schneider’s Party Shop & Grocery has everything you need, including quick & friendly service with a smile! Stop in and grab a quick 12-pack of beer or pop and many of the staple food items you need. They have a very good selection of beer and other alcoholic drinks, a sampling of craft beer, and liquor. Schneider’s has been a neighborhood institution for decades – going back to WWII. Back then it was known as Freddie’s, but has stayed in the family over that time to serve the needs of the community. Schneider’s is located conveniently across from the BMV on Blackhoof Street in Wapakoneta with lots of parking.   Schneider’s Party Shop &... read more

iPhone & iPad Cracked Screen Repair

Webcore is the premier iPhone repair service in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Call: 567-395-0213 We fix: Broken Screen/Digitizers Loose/Stuck Buttons Backup or Software Issues Camera Replacement Water Damage Broken Charging Ports/Headphone Jacks Bad Antennas We service all models of iPhone, including: iPhone 7 iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 5s iPhone 5c iPhone 5 We also fix iPads!  (Got a cracked iPad screen?) We service all models of iPads; the original iPad up to the current latest model, including iPad Air. Need help with an Android phone? We may be able to help. Get in touch and let us know what model you have and what kind of problem you’re having with it. Located in Wapakoneta and service nearby towns such as Lima, St. Marys, Celina and Russell’s Point/Lakeview. Call: 567-395-0213 [MORE... read more

Evans Home Improvement

Evans Home Improvement has been around for over 50 years, offering all sorts of general contracting in that time frame. In the last few decades they’ve started to specialize in roofing and siding, and they do a fantastic job! They can also rock out other jobs like full builds of pole barns & garages, homes additions to homes, decks,  gutters, fences and even concrete work.  Need interior work done? They also do painting, electrical, trim & finish work, drywall and insulation. But roofing and siding is their bread and butter. They’ve also recently started doing commercial roofing. If it has to do with general contracting or home improvement, they can do it! Evans Home Improvement http://evanshomeimprovementoh.com... read more

Cool Stuff / Gift Ideas

We just thought this was cool… they have all sorts of gift ideas and neat stuff: The Coolest Stuff Ever Like this remote control... read more

Lawn Mower Repair

Looking for lawn mower repair? Live in or around Wapakoneta? As soon as we find a repair shop or someone who works on lawn mower engines, we’ll post it here. But so far we haven’t been able to locate a reputable (or even otherwise) lawn mower repair... read more

TSC – Telephone Service Company

TSC is an Independent telephone company and Internet service provider serving the Wapakoneta area. TSC serves Wapakoneta, Cridersville, St. Marys and surrounding areas and has been in the business of phone service since 1895. They provide cable TV and high-speed Internet along with phone service. If you’re wondering what in “Independent” phone company is, it’s a company that was that were not part of the Bell System and usually operate in many rural or sparsely populated areas. There are many advantages to the smaller, independent phone companies, perhaps the biggest of which is that they know their region and typically provide outstanding customer service, unlike some of the bigger phone companies. TSC is one such company that provides outstanding service and support. From their website: “In 1995 TSC became an Internet Service Provider(ISP) in the Northwest Ohio area when we helped establish bright.net Ohio LLC. By 1998, we began offering Cable Television service along with BrightLightning broadband cable modem service. In 2003, we made history by expanding all of our offerings into the City of St. Marys, Ohio.” “We are dedicated to bringing our customers state-of-the-art technology and services with a hometown flare for individual customer care.” TSC is very active in the community, supporting organizations such as the Wapakoneta Area Chamber of Commerce, the St. Marys Area Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. TSC is engaged in many charitable activities such as the Hometown Holiday in Wapakoneta. And you can still make a pay call for just a nickel at TSC… yes, they have a working pay telephone that you can use for just $.05 cents!... read more

El Azteca Mexican Restaurant

El Azteca is one of the best Mexican restaurants you can find! Authentic food, decent prices and a great atmosphere are topped only by the fantastic service. The people of Wapak (Wapakonetians if you will) are truly lucky to have such a great Mexican restaurant. It also serves travelers heading north or south on I-75 as well as those going east or west on route 33. The building is beautifully decorated inside and you’d hardly know it was once a Big Boy restaurant. (At least, that’s what it looks like – we still need to find a long-time Wapakonetian that can verify this.) The menu is huge and you’re sure to find something that teases your palate – even if you’re a vegetarian. In fact the menu can be a little daunting. But you can pick from the combo menus if you’re not sure. That way you’ll also get a sampling of some various things. Perhaps the thing we like most about it is the food comes out QUICKLY. We’re not sure how they make the food so fast, but they do a great job, even with larger groups of people. And then there’s “Hot Plate” guy who will remind you not to touch your plate because it’s so hot. (Sometimes he likes to trick you though, so watch out 😝 ) Most combos are something like a burrito, a chalupa, rice and beans, all for $7.95. Lunch combos are priced even better at $6.95 mostly. For the cheapskates among us, you can grab a plate of nachos with cheese and beans for $4.50. It’s so filling you can... read more

Lucky Steer Restaurant

The Lucky Steer Restaurant has been a Wapak tradition for over 40 years! It sits prominently on “Hamburger Row”, aka Bellefontaine Avenue, which is handy for travelers stopping in off of I-75. The friendly staff will have you smiling, as will the quick service, excellent food and great prices. The Lucky Steer has the feel of an old-fashioned diner but without any of the drawbacks. It doesn’t feel old, everything looks nice and modern. The menu has a nice variety and even has stuff to make vegetarians feel welcome. There’s a very friendly feel to everything, starting with the cute logo of the Lucky Steer himself. (Actually we’ve felt that the steer isn’t so lucky as he is probably going to be eaten, and my wife has dubbed the place the Unfortunate Cow. 😝) The food is fantastic and service excellent. In a word, this place is friendly. It makes you feel at home. For travelers, you just can’t go wrong. You’ll have service with a smile and be treated to an amazing meal. The ONLY thing we can say that isn’t positive is that you’ll likely come home smelling like a diner. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though depending on your point of view!   Lucky Steer Restaurant... read more

The Wapak Temple of Tolerance / Rock Garden

The Temple of Tolerance is an amazing hidden gem in the small town of Wapakoneta. If you’re ever in the area, you have to see it! The Temple of Tolerance is one name for it. Many locals also call it simply “the Rock Garden” – yet neither name does it any justice. The Rock Garden/Temple of Tolerance is a huge garden of rocks and antiques that you could get lost in. The front of it is a house that sits at the address of 203 South Wood Street. You really can’t miss the house. It might seem run-down by some or very, very weird to others, but most think it’s just awesome. Vines and plants seem to run rampant and yet they’re very cleverly maintained. Interesting old items like a bomb from WWII are displayed from the front porch. Cast iron, high quality iron fences and gates combine to give the place an almost eerie look. And yet it’s so inviting at the same time. Those that have an adventurous streak in them will giddily open the gates and proceed down various trails. If you do so, here’s a glimpse of what you might experience… You will see amazing displays of rocks all along the trails. There are many spots to sit down and simply “be” among all the rocks and artifacts. If you go far enough, the trails will lead to a more open area with a huge Temple in the middle of it. Climb up to the top and you will be amazed at the structure and just how high up you are. This is the Temple... read more